Purpose of the Confederation, Study Topics, Forms and Areas of Activity to be Conducted by the Confederation to Achieve This Purpose

Uteskon is a reliable and dynamic confederation established in Ankara with the participation of 3 federations and 36 associations on 15.08.2016. Uteskon's expansion is the International Trade, Education, and Health Confederation. The fight against drugs is the main goal of Uteskon. It organizes activities in culture and art.

For this purpose; without distinction of religion, language, race, gender and thought, projects that benefit the development of international cultural and commercial relations between the countries of the world and our country.

Education, Trade, Health especially; NGOs, Foundations, Institutions, Establishments and Persons in the World who are active in the fields of Culture, Art, Sports, Environment, Communication, Transportation, Agriculture, Energy, Tourism, Industry and so on. They research together with these organizations, develop and implement projects.

In training activities, firstly, it supports the formation of employment and qualified human resources. It organizes vocational courses in accordance with the Vocational Qualifications System, and it gives intermediate people with production skills.

It makes projects for occupation, recruitment of disadvantaged groups and collecting. The whole world is a bridge between people and countries.

It is found in social activities, it meets the needs of needy people at home and abroad, develops people's sense of social responsibility, cooperation and solidarity. It contributes to the preservation and promotion of universal values ​​in order to raise the socioeconomic level of societies.

Substance dependence is an increasing problem today, it follows the treatment processes, family supports, family awareness studies, researches, develops and implements the projects.

In summary, it cooperates with all organizations that support production and employment in our country and in other countries. The cultural field contributes to the development of activities and international relations.